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What does the word " Vintage " mean ?
History of Fashion
Passionate about fashion and design for years, we have created this site for the true fans of Vintage Clothing, for all those who want to affirm their difference and to wear clothing with a piece of history.
Our rigorous selection contains styles from the Twenties of Coco Chanel, the Eighties of Jean-Paul Gaultier and the traditional " fripe " (fashion of the street).
Indeed, Vintage Clothing requires an understanding of the true culture of fashion so that one can find the interesting articles and know who to associate them with. This is important because all our clothing has a long and agitated history. They have almost all undergone the affront of being regarded as obsolete before re-appearing at the dawn of the 21st century.
Currently Vintage Clothing goes hand in hand with authenticity and creativity, and transcending those tendencies is the key of refinement today.
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