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What does the word Vintage mean?
Of English origin, the word Vintage indicates an ageless and timeless article of clothing. It refers to a clothing of a past collection. In addition, when one speaks about Vintage clothing or accessories, one thinks of high-end brands such as Courrèges, YSL, Dior, Chanel... The term Vintage ended up indicating a set of appearances using a combination of old second-hand clothing and of new clothing, creating a fashion range from the mundane to the exceptional.

Why are we inspired by Vintage fashion?
Vintage clothing is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for designers. This fashion continues to be a sure value that never goes out of fashion... Vintage is an art of living: a personal and unique style. Furthermore, it matches perfectly with modern clothing.

In what state is the Vintage clothing?
Vintage clothing is not new.
Because of that, you will always find the state of the clothing on the detailed card of the article, along with all possible degradations...
At Goldymama, you will not find out-of-use clothing.
Goldymama sells Vintage clothing and accessories without changing its condition because our customers enjoy adding their own personal touch. Thus read all the descriptions carefully and if you have any questions contact us and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

How to choose the right size?
Sizes can vary one decade to the other and according to the manufacturer.
If an article of Vintage clothing is particularly old, it can not support being stretched, therefore by precaution choose a larger size (it is easier to reduce the size), or to contact us.

How to wash my Vintage clothing?
Up until the Sixties, the fabrics used were not made to be put into a washing machine, because washing machines only became popular around the mid-Sixties. It is thus preferable to wash old clothing by hand or by dry-cleaning. It also depends on the fabric: cotton can be easily washed, but for silks, satins, it is better to be careful and take them to the dry-cleaner.
Why is there currently such frenzy over the word Vintage?
Indeed, it is not fashion photography, not an expo, not a quality article when the word Vintage is not employed. It is supermodels such as Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss who largely opened the way to Vintage in the Nineties, while wearing Vintage clothing at events. But it isn't until 2001 that the phenomenon truly exploded, with the appearance of Julia Roberts attending the Oscars, wearing a 1992 vintage Valentino dress.

Can you find new current items, other than the used items on your site ?
Yes, we have several current products, in particular some necklaces that match up perfectly with some of our Vitage items.
You can find them by looking at the explanation stating "Condition : New".
Mix, todays attitude with that of our parents, for a totally unique look.
It's your turn now !!!

Where does Goldymama get its clothing and accessories?
We import from everywhere in the world: The United States, England, Belgium.... Each country brings its specific style to us creating a variety of brands, fashion, fabrics, and colors. A selection of most prestigious is carried out so that you can affirm your own style and personality.
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