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History of Fashion
      -  1920 - 1930 The Roaring Twenties : The " Garçonne " Style
      -  1930 - 1940 : The Glamour Years
      -  1940-1950 : Fashion under occupation, The " Systeme D " Years and Post-War
      -  From 1950 to 1960: Return to the Glamour silhouette
      -  1960-1970 : The Radical Innovation Years
      -  1970-1980: New generation of the "Fashion designer"
The fashion of the years 1950 was the reign of
good taste and elegance. The styles were bulky but went with thin escarpins, whose pointed heels would later be called the "stiletto heel".
The fashion houses multiplied the production of accessories, linens , perfume, hat, gloves...
It is also around 1950 that the first two-piece swimsuits appear, Miss Bikini. The return of Chanel in 1954 brought along its famous small gansé tailor, gold chains, silk blouse, siglés buttons, tweeds, " bandouliere " bags and its two-tone escarpins. A true panoply, which millions of women in the world will adopt and copy.
Without forgetting, Pierre Cardin in 1954 creating the popular " bubble dresses ".
Also, the "college" style of the United States consisted of skirt balls and underskirts for young women and the bluejean, the sweater and the moccasin for the American youth; This is the rock n' roll style of fashion.
Actresses carried accessories of the fashion houses, such as Grace Kelly with the Hermès bag which bears its name.
Brigitte Bardot, sex-symbol, launches a new style and a new hairstyle.
The dressmaker Jacques Estérel designed for Brigitte Bardot a dress in fabric of Vichy with white and pink squares finished with English broderie; thousands of imitations of this model were sold all over the world.
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